Class Schedule

Club LIT schedule

Club L.I.T. Schedule

3:15 – Pick up
3:30 – Recess
4:05 – Bathroom
4:10 – Snack
4:30 – Homework
5:05 – Clean up
5:10 – Class Activity
6:00 – Free Play

Club LIT activities

In Class Information

1. Class activities include a variety of games, leadership lessons, teamwork activities, crafts, sports, and more.

2. Club LIT staff will pick students up directly from class at 3:15pm.

3. Middle and high school meet in room 136 of the Secondary Campus NO LATER than 4:05pm. A staff member will then escort them to the Elementary Campus.

Club L.I.T. Programs

We are an after-school program that offers care for Leadership Prep School, as well as Elevate Preschool, grades PreK-12.